Henry Coe Backpacking

The first week of March 2020, we spent five nights backpacking in Henry Coe State Park in Morgan Hills, California (about 75 miles SE of San Francisco). Little did we know it would be our last vacation for a while, or that when we emerged from the backcountry the world would already be on a new trajectory. Starting at Hunting Hollow, we hiked north to Coyote Creek spending our first night at Pacheco Camp. From there, we continued north into the Orestimba Wilderness Zone to Paradise Lake, up and around the Robison Creek Trail to the Rooster Comb, and then back south to Yellowjacket Pond. We then hiked along Willson Ridge, camping near the Windmill for the last night before heading back out into civilization. We covered 58 miles and spent four whole days during which we didn't see another human being! Turns out it was good practice for the days/weeks/months we find ourselves in now...
IMGP3096 Paradise Flat
Paradise Flat