Seattle & Olympic National Park

We were glad to be able to see Seann & Christina get married (and finally meet Christina and her family!).

Then we explored Seattle a bit with Bill & Suzanne before spending a week camping in Olympic National Park.

A Beautiful Wedding!

Seann & Christina had a beautiful wedding ceremony in wine country.

Exploring Seattle With Suzanne & Bill

We had a great arts day, wandering around downtown Seattle!

Heading to Olympic National Park: Heart o' the Hills

We took the ferry to the Olympic Peninsula and had our comeuppance for the hubris to think we could string three tough hikes together in one day.

Sol Duc River and Mount Muller

We spent two days hiking, soaking in hot springs, and enjoying great vistas from Mount Muller.

Hoh Rainforest & Rialto Beach

Our last two days exploring the Olympics.

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