Camping in the Canadian Rockies

11 nights in a tent + 2 National Parks + 97 miles hiked + 21,784' elevation gain during hikes + 3 showers + 1 load of laundry + 1,190 miles driven = 1 amazing trip!

Castle Mountain

Our first campsite in Banff National Park was at Castle Mountain Campground so we hiked partway up Castle Mountain for a great view of the valley.

Lake Louise, Plain of Six Glaciers, the Beehives, and Lake Agnes

A beautiful hike among glaciers and gorgeous lakes.

C-Level Cirque and Johnston Canyon

Two great hikes in one day!

Helen Lake

The park said that the trail might be snowy at higher elevations. They were right!

Sunset Pass

A beautiful hike through verdant meadows.

Lake Bourgeau, Harvey Lake, and Mt. Bourgeau

A monster hike with stellar views on Canada Day.

Wilcox Pass and Athabasca Glacier

Moving North to the Columbia Icefields.

Whistlers Summit

Setting up camp at Whistlers Campground in Jasper.

Bald Hills

A beautiful rolling hike with views of peaks in every direction.

Sulphur Skyline

A short hike to a very windy summit. Then we soaked in hot springs.

Beaver, Summit, & Jacques Lakes

A beautiful farewell to Jasper.

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