California Desert Camping

The government shut down, so our trip to the southern California desert national parks didn't go exactly as planned. But we still had an amazing trip to the desert! The hardest part has been readjusting to our previous life in civilization.

San Diego

We went to San Diego first.

Little Blair Valley Campground

We got out of town as quickly as we could and drove straight to Anza-Borrego State Park. After one night in Borrego Palm Canyon campground to get our bearings, we went pretty far off the grid to a primitive camp in Little Blair Valley. It was absolutely gorgeous and we had the entire valley to ourselves for several days.

Arroyo Salado

Next we went to a lower elevation and a different type of landscape and camped in almost as isolated a location in Arroyo Salado campground. It was a little less sheltered but still an amazing place to camp.

Joshua Tree

After the government reopened, we were able to go to Joshua Tree National Park for several days. On the way there, we stopped and did a great hike up Mt. San Jacinto from Palm Springs. Joshua Tree felt more populated than Anza-Borrego but the eerie landscape and different types of plants made it an amazing way to end our trip.

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