Assateague 2013

We are very lucky to be able to spend multiple weekends on the beach this summer!

June: Camping with the Salazars

We had a lot of fun reconnecting with Jen and getting to know Keith better. We were pleasantly surprised that they didn't run away screaming.

July: Camping with Richard & Elisa

We are always impressed when little people are such great campers and Didier definitely raised the bar this weekend. So much fun!

August: Camping with Robert & Karen

Another fantastic weekend on the beach! Maisie had an insatiable need for ponies and purple shells but we did the best we could. :)

Labor Day: Big Group Camping!

What an adventure. We are sad that it will be Corrie & Kamo's last camping trip before moving to Africa but we were glad to share it with Christine, Grece & Rich -- and all the kids!

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