Berlin 2013

We journeyed to spend a few days with Suzanne and Bill in Berlin as part of their two-month European adventure. We didn't expect Berlin to be sunshiney and warm in March but we didn't count on such freezing snowy weather either. But we still had a lot of fun adventuring around this complicated city.

We were able to get everywhere using Berlin's extensive transit system of trains and buses, primarily thanks to our tour guide "Bruce" (sometimes also known as Bill C.).

Exploring Berlin

Some of our adventures in Berlin. We rode trains, trudged through snow, saw historic sights, visited museums, and had lots of great food.

Holocaust Remembrance

We made it a point to try to remember and understand this unthinkable history.

The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was such a palpable symbol of the change in Europe over the past 25 years and now it has almost completely disappeared.

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