Southern California 2009

We had a great adventure hiking around two very beautiful, but very different, national parks in California. First we took a boat to Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands National Park and spent several days tromping around the beautiful hilly volcanic island and camping in quiet solitude. Then we returned to the mainland and headed inland to Death Valley National Park where we spent most of our time in the highest elevations in the park but did spend one day baking in the heat of the Valley. Finally, one of the best things about our trip was reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones.
Santa Cruz, Channel Islands
National Park (63 images)

Driving to Death Valley (22 images)

Hiking Wildrose Peak (17 images)

Hiking Telescope Peak (22 images)

Exploring the Floor of Death Valley
(40 images)

Exploring the Trona Pinnacles (29 images)

Visiting Nina, Michael & Laura (39 images)
Most of these images were taken on our iPhone (image numbers starting with "0").

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