Change We Can Believe In

After the political conventions this summer, I was struck by the stark decision facing our country in this year's presidential election. I vowed that I would not trim my beard until my country started making smart decisions and demonstrating that it cares about its appearance in the world. Yesterday, while surrounded by friends, I watched the election results come in and was heartened that a wide majority of people across the country voted for hope over fear. This morning i am clean-shaven for the first time in over 7 years. The road ahead will be difficult for our country but we can get back on the right track if we remain committed and demonstrate the resolve that our country has shown in prior crises. I will be letting my beard grow back out to a reasonable length--but I hope it never again has to get as long and out of control as it has been for the past few months. Giselle hopes not too.


We didn't take a proper "before" picture, but this is from mid-October. I had to trim my beard-jowls a few times so Giselle wouldn't leave me and I would't lose my job. But for the most part it was really long and unruly.




it's a-me, a-Mario!


This feels a little weird.

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