Nationals Park is Cool!

Wait a minute. Actually Nationals Park is REAALLLLY COLD! At least on April 7th it was! We had a lot of fun and hopefully we can coax Susan and Phil to join us again when the weather is a bit less unseasonably frigid. The Nats kept letting the Marlins run up big leads, then almost taking back the lead, but then letting the Marlins score lots of runs again. Oh well. Maybe they were cold.


As soon as we hopped off the metro we could see some of our favorite things: a police car, the Capitol, steam, a crane, and a television van with a crazy antenna jutting out of it.


But then we turned the other way and saw Nationals Park.


Apparently Budweiser was making a delivery.


The corner of N and Half Street will soon look very different.


Susan wanted to steal a few of the horses but Phil convinced her to join us at the ballgame instead.


Great sightlines as soon as you walk in the gates.


It hardly looks brutally cold at all, yet.


A happy group.


Still happy.


The fancy new screens at the stadium. Note the smaller screen at field level. The Nats probably got a few strikeouts because the batters were busy watching tv.



See that fancy scoreboard telling you that Ramirez is up for the Marlins? So did we. For about two whole innings. Ramirez was getting tired of batting over and over and over for both teams. And then when the scoreboard got tired of it's little game, it turned off for a while and then started working for most of the rest of the game. Hopefully they're fixing it soon!


Apparently rigor mortis has set in for Bill, Phil and Susan are still in the "just really cold" phase.


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