060813:Sequoias in the Giant Forest

The Giant Forest

The Sequoias in the Giant Forest at Sequoia National Park. We started at the largest organism on earth, the General Sherman Tree, and then walked past numerous other giants.

img 1440 img 1442
Home Sweet Campsite 111!
img 1446
Our campsite was surrounded by giant pinecones! (not sequoia cones, they're only egg-sized)
img 1451
enjoying nature
img 1452
Giselle takes great pictures!
img 1460
fast-moving deer in our campsite
img 1469 img 1470
Giselle and the footprint of the largest sequoia
img 1479
largest sequoia's crown
img 1480 img 1481
G&B and the biggest organism on earth
img 1485
This "small limb" fell off the giant tree on New Year's Day 2006.
img 1487
lots of rings
img 1488 img 1489 img 1491
img 1492 img 1501 img 1502 img 1508
img 1509
Bill and the Senate Group
img 1510 img 1512 img 1513
img 1515 img 1519 img 1521 img 1529
Giselle peeking into Tharp's Log. Tharp lived here in the 19th century as he grazed his cattle in the nearby meadow.
img 1532
Tharp's meadow
img 1533 img 1535
img 1539
resting doe
img 1540 img 1542 img 1543
tiny baby bird.

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