Scott Valiantly Fights the First Battle of Manassas

We visited Scott as he took part in the re-enactment of the First Battle of Manassas, also known as the Battle of Bull Run. At the original battle, lots of viewers rode out from D.C., planning a picnic and expecting the Union troops to easily win the day. To do our part to keep the re-enactment true to history, we drove out from D.C. and hoped for an easy battle as well. Instead we were treated to oppressive heat and humidity, heavy rain, small hail, and more heat. Thankfully we were able to avoid piles of horse manure (for the most part) and we drank copious amounts of homemade rootbeer and sasparilla from the authentic vendors, or "Suttlers" on site. We got our 1 liter bottle filled 5 times during the day!

The battle was very well orchestrated and we were very happy to hear that Scott didn't even die once during the battle!

img 0934
Lots of ladies were wearing fancy period outfits. How they get in and out of the porta-potties remains a mystery.
img 0935 img 0936
Catching forty winks before the big battle.
img 0938
img 0942 img 0943
Scott, preparing to make a really good point.
img 0946 img 0949
Corporal Hicks, battle-ready
img 0951
Well-wishers say goodbye before the battle.
img 0953
One last joke before the battle.
img 0957 img 0958
img 0960 img 0961
Scott is carefully listening to his orders.
img 0965
Marching off to battle.
img 0971
img 0973 img 0978 img 0981 img 0987
img 0990 img 0994 img 0995 img 0997
Ready... Aim...
img 0998
img 0999 img 1001 img 1002
img 1005 img 1006 img 1009 img 1011
img 1013
A post-battle rainbow
img 1015
Night falls and we head back to D.C.

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