Riding in the Rain: Asthma Ride 2006

Just like last year, the Asthma Ride was a lot of fun and was for a great cause. We rode again with Andy and Amanda. Unfortunately, much of the ride this year seemed to be underwater since it rained all day. Bill was even whinier than usual since his shoes were perpetually full of water and although he kept wringing out his socks, his shoes kept sloshing around. We didn't even get off our bikes on Assateague Island on Saturday since it was so miserable and windy--we just turned around and kept riding! We drove back on Sunday and had a great sunny walk along the beach.

Not many photos taken on Saturday because we were afraid of getting the camera wet.

img 0517
Proud members of Team Back of the Pack
img 0520
You can't see it in the photo, but 1 gallon of water has just fallen out of Bill's shoe.
img 0522
Wet intersection
img 0523
Wringing water out of Bill's socks.
img 0525 img 0529 img 0532
This is about as good as it gets for surfers near low-tide off Assateague.
img 0533
"This is going to be a really exciting photo!"
img 0534 img 0537
Castles made of sand.
img 0538
Sand Volcano
img 0539
Putting on more sunscreen
img 0548 img 0556
"I outta be in pictures!"
img 0559
Beautiful eyes. We think this guy made a wrong turn in the storm and came ashore :(
img 0562
Giant horseshoe crab
img 0564 img 0569 img 0572 img 0579
img 0585
More horeshoe crabs
img 0588 img 0592
Rescuing a living horseshoe crab washed ashore. They carefully put him back in the water.
img 0593
Lots of shells imbedded on the horseshoe crab.
img 0596 img 0598
"It's lonely so far away!"
img 0599 img 0607
img 0611
A happy crab
img 0615 img 0621
It was such a nice day that EVERYONE wanted to be on the beach!
img 0624
img 0627
As we were leaving, a cavalcade of ponies decided to walk up the boardwalk.
img 0629 img 0631

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