Playing in the Dirt

We've been spending our free time out in the yard playing in the dirt. It looks a lot better already. With a little more effort it'll look even better. And once we're all set up, future years will be very easy.

We built three raised garden beds for vegetable/flower gardens and also have been adding flower beds various places around the yard.

img 0482
starting to make room for the garden plots.
img 0485
halfway in the ground
img 0486
drilling machinery in the background
img 0489
work-site supervisor
img 0491
not something you need every day, but if you've gotta drill lots of holes, the power auger comes in quite handy.
img 0492
we've got the best-smelling yard in town!
img 0493
preparing to plant some flowers.
img 0495
arugula, zinnias, and a whole lot of weeds.
img 0498
all we need is dirt!
img 0504
even the rose of sharon got some cocoa mulch!
img 0505
img 0509
mulched hostas and perriwinkle. we planted lots of cosmos seeds too, but you can't see them yet. they're still underground. check back soon.
img 0632
compost and topsoil delivered!
img 0633
partially filled
img 0635
img 0639
first blackeyed susan
img 0641
blackeyed susans
img 0643
img 0645
cucumbers: and so it begins!
img 0648
young radishes
img 0650
tomatoes, nasturtiums, and lots of seeds you can't see yet.

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