Our Newest Feathery Friends

We had a surprise on Sunday when we found that robins had built a nest in the boxwoods just inside our front gate. We have tried to be as non-threatening as possible as we go in and out of the house. The robins are still very nervous when we're near but they have not abandoned the nest.

Yesterday there was one beautiful blue egg in the nest. Today there are at least two. We're going to enjoy watching the bird family over the next few weeks!
UPDATE: Now there are three eggs! (4/18/06)
UPDATE 2:The Eggs have hatched!! (4/30/06)
UPDATE 3:The nest is empty!! I startled them this morning and they flew away!

We're going to miss you guys. Fly safely and hopefully we'll see you next spring!

img 0265
4/16/06: the mother in the nest
img 0266
4/16/06: After she left we saw one egg in the nest.
img 0267
4/17/06: Two eggs in the nest.
img 0273
4/18/06: Three eggs!
img 0275
4/30/06: Right on schedule, two weeks later... 2 tiny robins!
img 0278
4/30/06: Robin 3 is just starting to peek out!
img 0283
4/30/06: Robin 3 is almost out of its shell!
img 0284
4/30/06: The nest has been cleaned up. Everyone is still tired.
img 0287
5/2/06: Looking about the same
img 0303
5/3/06: This is (I think) the father, yelling at me from a tree branch, insisting that I mind my own business.
img 0304
5/3/06: We want foood!
img 0308
5/3/06: Keeping an eye on me. The parents are getting a bit less patient with my visits!
img 0313
5/6/06: Growing up so fast!
img 0315
5/6/06: Starting to look like winged birds!
img 0318
5/6/06: Facing the other direction, still sleeping.
img 0323
5/7/06: Their eyes are open much of the time now.
img 0324
5/7/06: Say Ahhhhh!
img 0328
5/9/06: Chillin' out, waiting for a snack.
img 0331
5/9/06: It's easier to eat when your head's already aimed up.
img 0332
5/10/06: This guy was poofing himself up and getting ready to flap his wings!!
img 0333
5/10/06: It's getting crowded in here!
img 0334
5/10/06: A pile of birds
img 0335
5/10/06: They look so grouchy!
img 0339
5/10/06: Mom (?) getting ready to deliver a snack.
img 0341
5/10/06: Please sir, I'd like some more!
img 0348
5/11/06: Overflow seating
img 0349
5/11/06: The three of us would just like to thank our mom for not laying four eggs.
img 0464
5/15/06: Two left in the nest. One was standing to the left, just outside the frame.
img 0465
5/15/06: And then there were none!
img 0465
5/15/06: This one just flew down into the corner and hid behind the Blackeyed-Susans.
img 0467
5/15/06: The others flew up in the trees!

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