Scott, Mary, and Allie visit DC

Scott, Mary, and Allie visited DC. Scott was under the weather but the rest of us had a fun day walking around the zoo. Tai Shan was his usual coy-cute-sleepy irresistable self. We had a fun visit but wish Scott had been feeling better! Get well soon!

img 0139
Daffodils in our back yard
img 0143
"How can you be tired already!?"
img 0149
Napping in a tree
img 0153
Trying to watch dad over a wall
img 0160
Napping in a tree again
img 0165
Elephant meeting
img 0166
Beaver on a mission
img 0181
Beaver vs. a metal pole
img 0191
Daffodils at the zoo
img 0192
Sibling rivalry
img 0195
Sibling revelry (or... Allison as a tipsy robot)
img 0196
img 0198
img 0200
Dancing a jig
img 0203
Beauty and the beast?
img 0204
An idyllic afternoon for turtles
img 0207
A groundhog has spotted Allison. (maybe it smelled her?)
img 0208
Allie left the allie-gator speechless.
img 0211
I wouldn't recommend the hairdresser
img 0216
Friendly gibbons
img 0217
Showing off
img 0218
The mara never moves. Tired of kids calling it a bunny all the time, probably.
img 0220
img 0222
img 0223
Molly can snooze with the best of 'em!

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