February in Philadelphia

It was incredibly cold but that didn't stop us from having a fabulous weekend of fun with Suzanne & Bill!

We saw the indescribably impressive Barnes Collection (conservatively estimated at SIX BILLION DOLLARS!?!?), ate and drank incredibly well, and walked throughout beautiful Center City Philadelphia.

We visited some of Bill's old haunts around Camac Street, including the beautiful new Kimmel Center, the performing arts center several blocks from where he used to live. It houses multiple theaters under a glass dome. We didn't get to see a performance but the architecture itself was fantastic!

img 0034
Zippers are important on such cold days!
img 0036
Beautiful view from our hotel room
img 0038
Another view
img 0039
Our room! Wow!
img 0040
Bill's old Philadelphia kitchen! (All 7 square feet!)
img 0041
On the steps in front of Bill's old apartment
img 0042
Enjoying dinner
img 0043
img 0044
Ok, put the camera away already!
img 0046
Detail outside the Barnes Collection (no cameras allowed inside... imagine hundreds of Cezannes, Matisses, Soutines, Picassos, and an occasional Miro)
img 0049
In front of the Barnes
img 0050
In front of the Barnes, but closer to the camera
img 0051
Posing with the dancing Bookbinders' Lobster
img 0052
Cool old sign.
img 0054
Camac Street, all four feet wide of it!
img 0055
Avenue of the Artists? Camac Street's gone upscale!
img 0056
Cool mural that blends in
img 0057
Opera Mural
img 0063
First view of the Kimmel Center interior
img 0064
Observation level of the Kimmel Center
img 0065
Amazing structure
img 0066
img 0067
img 0069
Goofing around
img 0070
img 0072
img 0073
Bill could take pictures like this all day!
img 0074
Group photo
img 0075
Surveying the construction next door
img 0076
Battery's dying...
img 0078
Last Kimmel photo
img 0083
Heading to City Hall
img 0084
City Hall
img 0086
A former Oklahoman Listening to tunes from Oklahoma on the trombone
img 0087
Dancing to the tunes
img 0089
Sitting near the Liberty Bell
img 0091
Group photo
img 0092
Column and a Plane tree
img 0093
Walking down a cobbled way

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