Cutting down our dead tree

We had a dead tree in our backyard that needed to be cut down before it blew down in a storm. Peg and Dick came down to visit and brought their new chainsaw. The help and the saw made the chore of getting rid of the tree a lot easier than if it had just been Bill, Giselle, and a hand-saw. :)

The yard looks a LOT better now and we're really looking forward to planning out flowerbeds and a vegetable garden this spring.

img 9880
Bill is reading the chainsaw manual
img 9881
Giselle told Peg to "Act tough." This is the pose she got.
img 9883
Working tough
img 9884
Meanwhile, Bill's still reading how to use the saw.
img 9885
This tree's gonna fall over before Bill's done reading the book!
img 9886
The pile of leaves and brush just waiting to be cleaned up.
img 9887
Hard work is fun with the right company
img 9888
"Can't we just leave it in the alley?" "No, Bill, you have to cut it up!"
img 9891
One limb down
img 9892
Just a stump
img 9893
Still smilin' after a hard day's work
img 9894
Almost done--notice how little mess there is!

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