Sky Meadows Hike

Anna went with us on a great hike on a beautiful day. We walked a bit on a stretch of the old (and now re-routed) Appalachian Trail.

img 9830
Mount Bleak House, the starting point of our 8-mile hike through the hills of Virginia
img 9831
The Sierra Club group going through the cue sheet together in the parking lot
img 9832
Ochobop had a beautiful view of the farm fields while we hiked the afternoon away under a crystal blue sky!
img 9836
Our first scenic overlook of Paris, Virginia
img 9837
Anna and Giselle enjoying the sunshine and the good company
img 9838
Giselle, wondering when lunchtime is
img 9340
Slinky tree-lingerie
img 9341
Will you put the camera away already?
img 9844
Natural totem pole
img 9845
Tree detail
img 9847
Anna (with fashionable hat) and Bill (with goofy hat)
img 9848
B&G in the land of orange wheaty plants
img 9850
What a view!
img 9855
Hike leader Paul Elliott wryly answers questions as Anna looks on skeptically
img 9856
Almost back to the car
img 9857
A great day for a hike
img 9858
Short building with multi-colored roof
img 9859
Steep descent

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