The Farley Family Visits the Panda Family

Philip, Sara, Bethany, and Ben came into town to visit their friend Molly and Tai Shan, the new panda cub at the zoo. Molly hid under the bed most of the time and Tai Shan was sleeping in a plastic tub most of the time, but we all had fun anyway!

img 9791
Where's Bethany?
img 9792
There she is!
img 9794
Having fun waiting for the train.
img 9796
Mei Xiang ("May Shong") and Tai Shan having a lazy saturday.
img 9799
img 9801
Tai Shan with his paws in the air.
img 9804
Tian Tian, Tai Shan's father, eating.
img 9808
Bethany & Ben watching the pandas
img 9810
This is the most activity we saw :(
img 9814
Even squirrels came to see the pandas!
img 9817
To compete with the pandas, this elephant started rolling a ball around.
img 9819
Watching the elephant
img 9825
A capybara, a rodent of unusual size.
img 9826
It's hard work to bend low if you're a giraffe.
img 9828
Ben, a real powerhouse :)

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