Visiting Tai Shan, the New Panda Cub

Bill, Giselle, & Joia visited Tai Shan, the new panda cub at the National Zoo. We also saw his mother, Mei Xiang, and father, Tian Tian. But Tai was the main attraction. We had been afraid that he would be asleep during our ten-minute ticket to view him, but instead he had insisted on playing outside so we got to watch him running around and being playful in general. Most importantly, though, we got to spend much more than ten minutes watching him! We all enjoyed the chance to visit Tai Shan. He was the size of a stick of butter only six months ago, now he's HUGE!

img 9664
Panda Cub Warning
img 9668
Premature Blossoms
img 9674
Entering the Zoo
img 9683
When we arrived, Tai was up in a tree!
img 9690
Tai had been hiding in a ditch but zookeepers came out and put him in a tub to play.
img 9693
One happy cub.
img 9694
But he didn't stay in the tub very long.
img 9697
The curious cub follows the keepers. They kept trying to distract him so they could leave but he was following them around everywhere.
img 9719
Tian Tian, the father, is in a separate enclosure. He was having a very lazy Saturday morning.
img 9720
Intrepid explorer Tai Shan.
img 9727
Exploring other parts of the great outdoors.
img 9730
Mei Xiang keeping a watchful eye on Tai Shan.
img 9732
Our furry friend.
img 9737
Mom! Mom! Did you see me over there!?! I was climbing on rocks!!
img 9744
Pay attention to me!
img 9765
Back on the rocks.
img 9768
img 9773
Story time.
img 9783
Giraffe in a puddle.
img 9787
Cheetah on patrol.
img 9790
Happy panda fan.

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