A New Year's Day Hike

We took a beautiful stroll down the C&O Canal with the Sierra Club. We were very glad that Anna was feeling well enough to come along with us. It might be hard to get up after a late New Year's Eve but it's well worth it.

Over seventy hikers made it out for this year's New Year's hike. This annual event was started thirty-two years ago by Walter Wells. We were lucky enough to walk part of the way with Mr. Wells, who enlightened us about the origin of the name "Foxhall," which is derived from a munitions manufacturer and is now a neighborhood near Georgetown, as well as the only known church named after a gun maker.

img 9655
Molly wants us to carry her on the hike.
(Permission denied)
img 9657
The meetin' place
img 9659
Kind of like Washington crossing the Delaware, except instead of Washington, it's Hicks. And instead of the Delaware, it's a canal in Washington. And instead of standing in a rowboat at midnight, it's a footbridge in daylight.
img 9660
We had an unsettling feeling that someone was following us.
img 9661
Reflections make everything more picturesque
img 9663

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