Maribel & Carlos Visit D.C.

Maribel and Carlos were visiting D.C. for a conference. We had seen Carlos last year when he was in town for a conference but had not seen Maribel since they left Atlanta four years ago! It's been far too long and we need to see each other more often!

We had lunch at the National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, then walked along the mall, hung out at our new house, then had dinner at one of our favorite places on the Hill, the Ugly Mug.

img 9649
Maribel & Giselle at the Ugly Mug
img 9650
Carlos & Maribel
img 9651
Dueling arm-length camera shots
img 9652
Bill cuts himself out of the picture, Carlos blows kisses to the other camera
img 9653
We don't seem to be getting any better at this...

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