Kite Flying with Dave & Amanda

It takes true grit to get a kite flying on a day with no wind. Do we have true grit? You decide.

img 9567
Bill's got it flying, sorta.
img 9569
See how high it is? The secret is to march and salute the flags.
img 9570
Amanda, showing off her technique.
img 9571
If at first you don't succeed, pretend you didn't want to fly the damn kite anyway.
img 9573
Dave, trying the kite upside down.
img 9574
Dave, trying some kind of cowboy/disco move.
img 9575
img 9576
Slo-mo reenactment of how the kite should fly.
img 9577
Low altitude flight.
img 9578
Low altitude stunt maneuver.
img 9580
Ribbon dance
img 9582
Offensive sign on the USDA building?

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