Sanding the Floors

Admit it: You thought we'd never actually get the floors sanded, didn't you? Well, we finally rented the sanders yesterday and finished the job about nine hours later. The entryway still needs a bit of work by hand but otherwise the floors look great! We are thinking of staining the floors a light reddish color and will hopefully do that this week.

img 9418
The gang's all here!
img 9418
Before: living room
img 9421
img 9423
Before: bedroom
img 9424
Before: entryway
img 9425
Expert at work
img 9433
It's hard to use a giant machine in a small kitchen!
img 9435
After: living room
img 9436
After: living room and kitchen
img 9437
After: entryway
img 9438
After: entryway
img 9439
After: bedroom
img 9440
After: bedroom

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