House Update

Bill spent the day sanding the badly-stained parts of the floors and alternating treating the stains with hydrogen peroxide and diluted bleach. The stains are definitely on the run but we're going to have to stay the course and keep eternally vigilant to ensure their permanent departure.

The towel racks and shutters are now finally installed in the bathroom instead of just sitting in boxes next to the tub.

img 9389
Giselle & Molly checkin' out the new bathroom stuff
img 9392
New towel racks
img 9393
Hand towel rack
img 9396
The weird platypus-shaped stain is starting to disappear
img 9397
More disappearing stains to compare with old photos
img 9398
Bad spot by the front door starting to improve
img 9399
The palm sander re-enacting the day's sanding

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