A Weekend of Dashed Hopes and Minor Domestic Disasters

All year we've been looking forward to Suzie and Richard's wedding in Madison, Wisconsin. The morning of our 6:48am flight we waited in multiple lines trying to get checked in and ended up missing our flight after being treated incredibly rudely. The best American could do was offer us a chance to fly standby, getting us to Madison at least an hour after the reception was to begin and there was no chance we would make the ceremony. Very upset, we took a cab home. (American Airlines has since agreed to refund our non-refundable tickets, but we're still very disappointed in missing the wedding).

Bill's parents had come into town for a relaxing weekend in DC without B&G around. But then B&G came back into town. Somewhere along the way a tropical storm arrived, dumping over 8 inches of rain on DC in about 24 hours. We woke up from a 3 hour nap Saturday morning (since we had gotten up around 4:30am!) and had no power. Bill went upstairs to see if the upstairs apartment had power and found that the ceiling was damaged because water had leaked from the roof in an unrelated incident.

We spent the rest of Saturday frantically trying to stop the leak and we successfully limited the damage to a small section of the ceiling. In between trips to the hardware store to buy flashlights and other supplies, we also spent over two hours on hold with PEPCO trying to get our power turned back on. PEPCO turned the power back on around 3am Sunday. After we had settled back down and turned all the lights back off, PEPCO called to let us know the power was back on.

Sunday we relaxed and went to the zoo. We had dinner with the Woolwines. On Monday Peg & Dick roamed the city alone. B&G slept until almost noon and then did some gardening and planted flowers in the yard. Peg & Dick did a great job of helping to manage the disasters and try to help us keep calm. They also helped us tremendously with the floors, plumbing, and wiring. It was a frustrating weekend and not what any of us had anticipated or hoped for!

img 9277
Doesn't the floor repair look so nice!? No more holes in the floor!
img 9274
The water damage in the ceiling. Not great, but it's dry now. Only the paint fell and the ceiling can easily be patched.
img 9281
This is the leak. That middle screw needs to be sealed from the outside.
img 9283
This measuring stuff is complicated!
img 9290
Where the water dripped from the rafters.
img 9342
The big itsy-bitsy spider rebuilding after the storm
img 9353
We can't see the baby panda yet, except on TV. He's very cute and very close to being able to crawl.
img 9354
Lazy cheetah cubs
img 9359
Playful otters
img 9362
Suspicious eagles
img 9368
Happy seals
img 9372
Manic prairie dog
img 9381
Creepy alien-looking lobster
img 9388

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