Pulling up carpet

We finished pulling up the carpet. The floors aren't as pristine as we had hoped but we hope we can sand and refinish them so they'll look quite nice.

img 9222 img 9226 img 9227 img 9228
img 9229 img 9230 img 9232 img 9233
img 9234 img 9235 img 9236 img 9237
img 9238 img 9239 img 9240
This board will need to be replaced because it has a hole in it :(
img 9241
The floor is the worst right inside the front door. It is slightly buckled and very worn. Hopefully if we nail it down and sand/refinish it'll look as good as new :)
img 9242
Want some old smelly carpet? We've got plenty to spare in our kitchen.
img 9243 img 9245 img 9246
The view from outside our front door.

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