Painting at long last!

We bought the actual paint and started painting this evening. The living room is "daffodil" and the bathroom is "mikonos," both by C2 Paint. We can't wait to see the colors tomorrow by natural light after they've dried a bit more!

Update: We painted the bedroom "pistachio nut" tonight, 9/8!!

Another Update: We painted the dining room "tangerine" and the hallway "blue note", 9/10/05!

img 9159
Cutting in
img 9162
Guess who's doing all the work?
img 9164
New bathroom color
img 9166
All yellow!
img 9167
More yellow!
img 9168
This is now semi-gloss white instead of chalky primer. You'll have to take our word for it.
img 9172 img 9173
The brightest yellow closet in town
img 9174 img 9176 img 9177 img 9178
img 9179 img 9180 img 9181 img 9182
img 9183 img 9190 img 9191 img 9192
img 9196 img 9198 img 9201 img 9205
img 9210

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