Visiting in Manassas

We had a great visit with Sara, Philip, Bethany, and Ben, and were so glad that Mindy and Josh were also there! It was a great time and we had lots of great food. Thanks!

img 9099
teacher at work
img 9102
mower at work
img 9103
Ben was so thorough that he'd move sticks, chairs, and toys out of the way to mow underneath them.
img 9108
the Princess powercleans her shopping cart
img 9114
cleaning the castle (but wait... who is that sneaking up on the Princess??)
img 9118
multitasking: cleaning the castle and spraying the prince at the same time
img 9121
advanced t-ball: it's harder to hit the ball when you're holding another ball in your hand
img 9124
full success!
img 9128
didn't everyone on the deck want to get wet too?
img 9130
Mindy helping Ben wear his sister's bathing suit
img 9131 img 9132
Ben showing off his full-body kilt, wearing one high heel and playing with his hammer and screwdriver
img 9133
The kilt may also be worn lower around the waist
img 9135
Tinkerbell would like to try on another outfit
img 9142
Ride 'em cowgirl! (poor Josh!)
img 9143
Giselle, wearing the latest in custom-made jewelry
img 9145
Again, but also with a new hairdo
img 9147
Molly was very curious about a drawing Bethany made of our new house. She's been studying it since we brought it home!

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