Still More House Pics

The wall is just about done and we're getting ready to paint. I took pictures of the big paint chips in each room to give you an idea of how colorful everything will be. The wall has some wet joint compound on it so it looks a bit gray in areas. I only have a few bits of tape left to seal over, and I'm still trying to plaster the corner near the dining room. We should be priming very soon!

Note: Bill increased the brightness on these photos so the colors are a bit off. Yes, that defeats the whole purpose of the photos :(

img 9038 img 9039 img 9040 img 9041
img 9042 img 9045 img 9046 img 9047
img 9048 img 9049 img 9051 img 9052
img 9053 img 9054 img 9055 img 9056
img 9057 img 9059 img 9060

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