Asthma Ride 2005

Team A Bag (get it? Amanda, Bill, Andy, & Giselle) raised money for the American Lung Association. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

A few stats about our ride:
Total time:8hrs 27min
Average speed:11.82 mph
Average moving speed: 14.8 mph.
Minutes of rain: 0
Minutes of sun: 0
Calories burned: at least 3500 by each of us.

Our GPS created this map for us during our ride.
Here's our map superimposed onto a googlemap.
A much larger-scale map.
Not many hills on the Eastern Shore. We don't remember falling in that 100 foot pit about halfway through the ride,
but we might've just been too tired to notice.
Speed by Distance
We kept up a pretty good pace with a moving average of 14.8 mph.
Speed by Time
We took a few breaks. And you can see the only place we had a really nasty headwind
was right after that first rest stop when the speed line is diagonal!
The team sign
Andy adjusting our Team sign
Team A BAG ready to roll!
B&G at the first rest stop (mile 20) in Snow Hill.
A slightly longer break at the Adkins Mill rest stop because B found some friends!
If you look closely, you can see that there are about half a dozen fuzzy goslings.
Bill saying goodbye, and getting ready to hop back on his bike for the next 80 miles...
Oops...more distraction...I mean, friends!
Crossing over to Assateague Island with the wild ponies.
On the Assateague beach for a quick photo op at mile 62.
The next day, we stopped at the Salisbury Zoo to say hello to some other feathered friends, the burrowing owls.
img_8400 ducks
More friends!
Bill trying to join the parade of geese.
The loungin' bobcat.

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