Dick, Peg & Bill Visit DC

We were really glad that Bill was able to see our apartment in D.C.

We played scrabble, had dinner, and went to Arlington National Cemetery, the World War II Memorial, and the FDR Memorial. It was a busy visit for less than 24 hours!

Molly loves company
How's this thing work?
img 8293 img_8296
Goofing around
Visiting Bobby's grave at Arlington National Cemetery
img 8303 img 8305 img 8306
img 8309 img_8313
The main attraction at the WWII memorial? Ducks!
img 8315 img 8317
img 8321 img_8324
Fountain detail
Stars detail
img 8337
img 8340 img 8342 img 8345 img_8348
Memorial detail
img 8356 img 8361 img 8362

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