Team ABAG Trains for the Big Ride!

We had a great ride with Andy and Amanda in preparation for the Asthma ride in several weeks. It was supposed to be rainy so we almost called off the ride. It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day! We rode most of the way down to Mount Vernon and had a picnic lunch. We also included some GPS-produced graphs of our ride.

img 8279
Relaxing before the ride
img 8280
The bikes
img 8281
Mobile Photographer
img 8282
Hurry! They're catching up!
img 8283
Andy, Amanda & Giselle arriving at a rest stop
img 8284
Speed by Distance
Once Andy started leading, we kept speeding up to about 65 mph! (or so the GPS says)
Speed by Time
Another view of our speed
Apparently we had lunch on top of a mountain!

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