Suzanne & Bill's April Visit

Suzanne and Bill came down for a weekend visit. We had a fantastic time walking around the city in the wonderful spring weather.

Giselle & Bill studying the GPS
Bill & Bill resting outside the Phillips Collection
Suzanne & Bill trust Gandhi not to trample them
img 8129
IMF/World Bank protests in Dupont Circle
img 8132 img 8137 img 8138
Auteur at work
img 8144 img_8146
We happened upon this (indian?) parade as we left the Sackler gallery.
img 8151
img 8152 img 8157 img 8158 img 8162
"Look over there...!"
"Is that an otter? Or a giant rat???"
"Don't pout Bill. There will be other rats to film for your movie."
img 8172
img 8183 img 8184 img 8187 img 8188
img 8195 img_8200
Hiding from paparrazzi.
img 8201 img 8209
img 8210 img 8214 img 8216 img 8218
img 8219 img 8223 img_8229
This guy with a camera kept following us all day.
img 8233
img 8239 img 8243 img 8244 img_8250
We didn't have our library card so they wouldn't let us borrow any tulips.
img 8253

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