12-mile hike with Suzie and the Sierra Club

We had a wonderful day out in the Maryland woods near Laurel and Columbia. The hike started in Savage, and ended at Elkhorn Lake.

img_7625 img_7627
One of the hike leaders gave a short history lesson about this bridge.
Historic Savage has many brightly painted houses.
img_7631 img_7632 img_7633
One of the hike leaders, Larry, was the sweep (the last one in the group who makes sure everyone knows where to go) and actually carried a bright yellow broom handle! (Converted into a walking stick!)
Bill and Suzanne with the group at the head of the Patuxent Branch Trail.
img_7635 img_7637 img_7639
Another bridge along the path
Bill gettin' ready to lay down some dope rhymes!
Our first view of Lake Elkhorn wasn't so impressive.
The lake is man-made, and this is the dam...
...but it turned out to be a three-mile loop around the lake with lots of relaxing water fowl -- so it was perfect!
img_7647 img_7650
Some of the swans were tagged.
img_7651 img_7653
img_7654 img_7657 img_7659 img_7660
There were these "water-aerators" at one end of the lake, and at first glance it looked like they were being used by the ducks as a jacuzzi! (But then we realized the ducks were actually decoys...)
While the rest of us finished up lunch, Bill went and communed with the water fowl. He was convinced that he had finally gotten group acceptance!
The twins!

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