Our trip to Japan

We went to Japan in March 2004 to visit our friends Anna and Thomas who live in Kyoto.
By clicking on each day listed below you can see where we went during our trip.

If you think this looks like a lot of pictures, there are probably a thousand more we didn't put on the website.
The good thing about digital photography is that you can take almost unlimited photographs.
The bad thing is having to painstakingly delete great photos to winnow this page down to anything
resembling a manageable size.

Our trip was absolutely amazing and we hope that these pictures will allow you to share a small portion of our experience.

Day One: Kyoto

Day Two: Hiking from Ohara to Kurama Onsen

Day Three: Hiroshima

Day Four: Miyajima

Day Five: Kyoto Imperial Palace and Hiking up Daimonji-san

Day Six: Fushimi Inari Shrine, Katsura Rikyu, Arashiyama

Day Seven: Amanohashidate

Day Eight: Amanohashidate, Nara

Day Nine: Koya-san

Day Ten: Koya-san, Karaoke

Day Eleven: Tokyo

Day Twelve: Flying Home

Silly Products, Signs, and Cars Spotted in Japan

Movies from the trip.

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