Pictures taken February 19, 2002 in Rockville, Maryland

Looking up Rockville Pike, this is a view on my commute into work -- my office
is the big brown building on the left (right past the big white building)

1401 Rockville Pike -- the main entrance is in the middle under the glass triangle

The main lobby with a recessed area in the middle for sitting among green plants

A view of the wonderful mobile which swings around above the lobby, the elevator
which I used to take up to the second floor (but now take up to the third floor), and
to the right of the elevator shaft is the entrance to the suite of offices where I work

Giselle at work (or at least pretending to work) in her old office -- just today (2/21) she
made a move to another office on the third floor (the new office being the third temporary
workspace assigned to her in a period of six weeks) -- luckily she hasn't had time to accumulate
much stuff, so moving is easy...relatively

The sign hung on the door providing information on who we are (Intramural Research
Training Award (IRTA) Fellows -- but no information regarding what we do (always good to maintain
an aura of mystique) providing a good conversation initiation point with the curious

The main entrance of Giselle's workplace -- delivery guy's van on the left, county police car
on the right

Neighbouring businesses (Giselle got her hair cut recently at ECHO Hair & Skin Salon -- they
offer massage spa pedicures!)

More neighbouring businesses (Bill recently bought two suits at Jos. A. Bank Clothiers
accompanied by Giselle after work one day)