Pictures taken October 12-13, 2002 in Salisbury, Maryland
and Assateague Island, Maryland

Ten miles into the ride, Giselle, Suzanne and Bill at the Century/Metric divergence point.
Looking a bit wet, but happy and ready to take on the day !

Feeling all racy and official with our rider numbers

Another shot of Giselle, Suzanne and Bill at the Century/Metric divergence point

Sixty miles into the ride, on Assateague Island.
With more sun, and having dried off a bit, ready to tackle the last 40 !

Riding across the bridge, a spotting of the wild horses that populate the island.

Suzanne skidding to a stop looking tough and hard core !

One of the much appreciated scenic rest stops !

Super dry and aerodynamic rider !

Bill and Giselle crossing the finish line !

Giselle, Suzanne and Bill after a terrific ride !

Bill, Ochobop, Trek 800, Trek 820 and Tiburon set to go outside the Salvation Army !

Giselle doing all the work !

The next day, we returned to Assateague Island to take a more leisurely beach walk.
But Bill has found a playmate in the parking lot !

Horses !

Horse close-up !

Horses, horses, horses !

Suzanne, Bill and the horses of Assateague !

Giselle, Bill and the horses of Assateague !

Giselle and Suzanne and the horses...

Finally on the beach. Watching the surfers and sea kayakers brave the waves.

Kayaker !

Enjoying the fresh sea breeze, and the lapping water tickling the toes.

Bill and Giselle playing in the foam frothed by the storm !

Giselle and foam !

Silliness on the beach is the best !

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