Nano moved to a better home in the summer of 2001. She now lives with Bill's Aunt Susan in Boston.

The Royal Mistress of the Apartment in full control of the bed

Nano (barely awake) thinking about whether whatever it is that
caught her attention is worth moving towards

Nano asking, with her expressive face, why are you paying so much
attention to me and if it's not too much trouble could you please move some
of this junk so I could stretch out a bit?

Action Cat !

A game of cat-and-mouse (the mouse being a red fuzzball) with the
bathmat providing the perfect cover

A tactical maneuver -- allowing the "mouse" to let its guard down...

Round II

Victory !

The red fuzzball never had a chance
(And neither did the carpet, apparently)

Nano's close-up in the kitchen
(What IS Bill doing ?)

Nano in the kitchen, wondering why since we've been in the kitchen
for a while the treats haven't come out yet ?

Nano getting ready to ditch this scene of both dizzy-ing wallpaper and
getting too much attention from Bill

Nano getting ready to investigate the untamed wilderness of the balcony

Nano trotting back and forth, crunching leaves, and lookin' for some action

Nano being curious and suspicious of the snow, and watching it
very intently

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