This is just a quick web page of pictures that Bill and Giselle
took during their recent trip to DC to find a new apartment. The
complex is called "The Car Barn." Many of the pictures include Bill's
finger in the exposure because he wasn't used to the small disposable
camera, which was apparently too small for his clumsy hands. sorry.

This is a picture of the inside of the Car Barn, showing the parking lot
and the exterior wall of the complex.

This is a small courtyard within the complex. (and Bill's index finger)

Giselle is showing us the exterior of the complex. The sidewalk leads to our door.

This is the interior of the complex. Our balcony is in the middle, on top of those pillars.

This is our living room. The interior pictures came out dark even though we used a flash. it was really quite bright in the apartment.
Bill's finger is pointing out the fact that the ceilings are quite high.

This is the entry hall. Bill's finger is pointing out the coat closet, apparently.

Our bedroom. we tried to get the whole front wall in the picture, and it didn't really work. you can see the large windows.

another pic of our balcony from outside. Bill's finger is pointing out the tunnel where our mail is delivered.

The view from our balcony.

The view down the street from the Car Barn. A beautiful neighborhood. It's about time for a picture without a finger in it.

Just in case you were unsure if Bill actually accompanied Giselle on this trip. Here he is with his buddy 'Ham.

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